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SmartStop Pro Cycling on FFWD Wheels for 2015

FFWD Wheels is proud to announce the signing of Team SmartStop for the 2015 season.  Team SmartStop is the third continental pro team signing for 2015 for FFWD Wheels in the US.

General Manager of PSG, Omer Kem, is looking forward to a long-term partnership with FFWD Wheels and it’s USA distribution company, Radial Sports.  “Premier Sports Group is incredibly excited to announce that Team SmartStop Pro Cycling will be racing on FFWD wheels from April 1st 2015 and beyond.”

“The partnership works perfectly with FFWD also partnering with the Premier Sports Group owned and managed women’s UCI team BMW p/b Happy Tooth Dental Group,” explained Kem, “We at Premier Sports Group want to thank FFWD Wheels for believing in both professional teams and we look forward to a long term relationship.”

Davy, President of Radial Sports, US Distributor, stated that making the decision to sign on to partner with Team SmartStop was easy for the company: “”SmartStop Pro Cycling is an ideal partner for FFWD Wheels in the US, the team is one of the most experienced and respected in the pro peloton and we are thrilled to have them join our growing roster of 40+ sponsored top-level teams worldwide.”

“PSG is a fantastic organization that shares our vision of collaboration, performance and innovation and this partnership will enable us to continue to advance and develop the FFWD Wheels brand in the North American markets.”

PSG Service Course Manager Jim O’Brien has so far been blown away by whilst prepping wheels for the Redlands Bicycle Classic.

O’Brien said: “FFWD took the best parts from wheels all over the world and turned it into something special.  DT Swiss Hubs, Bladed Spokes and a proprietary rim design that is even faster than it looks.  What more can you ask for in a world class racing wheel?”

Team SmartStop will be provided with the F4R-C for training, F2R and F4R for road racing and F6R/Disc for TT’s and will start racing on the wheels at the Redlands Bicycle Classic starting April 8 in California.

Visit the team at teamsmartstop.com