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CeramicSpeed Launches OSPW System

CeramicSpeed releases the only oversized 17T pulley wheel system on the market, a revolution for low friction and speed.

After extensive road and lab tests, the Danish manufacturer CeramicSpeed discovered that size matters.  Crafted from the need to carry increasing gains to every rider’s biking performance, the new CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel System (OSPW System) has proven to increase the energy savings and reduce drivetrain frictional losses starting at 2.4 watts.

The innovative system consists of 17-tooth alloy pulleys fitted with low friction CeramicSpeed Bearings, an aerodynamic cage made from carbon fibre and a polyamide compound, finished with titanium bolts. The true advance of the new CeramicSpeed OSPW System lies in the 60 % less friction achieved, tested and compared to the most commonly used high-end 11s stock pulleys.  Developed and produced in Denmark, the new OSPW System carries the CeramicSpeed bearing quality, matching low friction and 3-5 times longer lifetime.

Weighing only 55.4 g and produced with both standard and coated bearings, the OSPW System saves a minimum of 2.4 watts securing even further the competitive advantage of a bike.  Compatible with Shimano 10s and 11s Di2 and mechanical drivetrains, the OSPW System is a true technological progress for the cycling performance.

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