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TUFO Elite Track <150g 19mm Tubular

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The Tufo Elite Tubular Track Tire is a very light and fast tubular racing tire for all track disciplines. The base tape is made of cotton. It absorbs the glue evenly, resulting in optimal bond between the rim and the tire. The carcass plies are overlapped and joined underneath the threads, creating increased TPI (threads per inch) value and better tire puncture resistance.

Key Features:

  • Carbon Black Tread Compound
  • Nan Silica Tread Compound


  • Use: Racing
  • Size: 28″/700c
  • Width: 19 mm
  • Total weight: <150 g
  • Pressure: 10–15 bar (145–220 p.s.i.)
  • TPI: 210 Sidewall area, 315 Under the tread